Obligatory Attack on Titan Season 2 Thread

A place for you degenerates to talk about Attack on Titan or something
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Obligatory Attack on Titan Season 2 Thread

Post by Zemekis » Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:33 am

As an excuse to test out new forum security, let's have a discussion about AoT season 2.

For this series in particular, I've been like one of those Harry Potter kids back in the day who read the books ahead and fervently compared the visual media to the books. Even with that strict comparison I very much enjoyed season 2! Thy did a swell job adapting the source material & rearranging events in such a way that they flow better on screen. For shorter season anime I've found that they can't word-for-word fit everything from the manga oftentimes so they will sort of give you the jist of the situation then carry along. I'd argue that even with dialogue cuts in AoT, an anime-only consumer will have 95% of critical information.

I can't really toss out a rating or anything like that because I already knew what was gonna happen in this season. The fact that I still enjoyed it with 100% spoilers should say something though.
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